Welcome to my research on the prophecy of Daniel's Seventy Weeks.  Below you will find the most in-depth study of this prophecy anywhere on the internet. My research on the subject is in a two part book in the links below. The 1st part of the book discusses the Chronology of the 2nd Temple era because it is the foundation upon which the entire prophecy rests.   The 2nd part of the study looks at the prophecy itself and shows how it was fulfilled in Yeshua/Jesus the Messiah.

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For those who would like a less intense introduction to the prophecy of 70 Weeks I have written a fiction book titled The 13th Enumeration. You can learn more about it in the link below. 

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Whether you are a student or a teacher of Bible prophecy you should be able to answer these questions on the prophecy of 70 weeks.  This prophecy is the basis for much of today’s eschatology.  It flavors almost every aspect of our view of  end times. The questions below are the chronological foundation upon which Daniel 9 rests. I encourage you to search out the answers, it will be worth your time and effort.

Nehemiah was governor of Jerusalem during the 21st -32nd year of a Persian “Artaxerxes”.  Name the 3 Persian kings who would qualify as an “Artaxerxes” according to this criteria.
Nehemiah and Ezra were contemporaries in the reign of a Persian “Artaxerxes”.  What important event did they both attend?
Ezra 6:14-15 lists those who were responsible for “commandments” which resulted in the completion of the Temple in the 6th year of Darius.  This is one of the most important chronological synchronisms of the 2nd temple era. List those responsible and list at least one Biblical reference for each of their “commandments”.
Who is the “Artaxerxes” of Ezra 6:14?  He was one of those who gave a commandment which “built and finished” the temple by the 6th year of Darius. Explain why the translators used the Hebrew letter waw attached to “Artaxerxes” as a conjunction instead of a hendiadys.
Ezra 6 describes the events which culminated in completion of the temple in the 6th year of Darius.  Ezra 7 describes the events which took place in the 7th year of an “Artaxerxes”. Who is this “Artaxerxes”?  Provide a reasonable chronological explanation.
Ezra’s father, Seraiah, was the last high priest of the 2nd temple.  Seraiah was killed after the destruction of the temple. Using this information provide a minimum age for Ezra. Show which Persian king most reasonably qualifies as a contemporary of Ezra?
Nehemiah 12 describes the priests and Levites who returned to Jerusalem with Joshua and Zerubbabel in the 1st year of Cyrus (536BC).  Nehemiah 10 lists the priests and Levites who were at the dedication of the wall in Jerusalem in the 21st year of a Persian “Artaxerxes”. How many of the men were still alive at the dedication of the wall?  Provide a minimum age for these men during the reigns of each Persian “Artaxerxes” as listed in question #1.  Which Persian “Artaxerxes” most reasonably qualifies as a contemporary of these men?
  List the five “commandments” which were in some way related to the building of Jerusalem.
From YHWH’s perspective what event marked the rebuilding of Jerusalem?  Provide references.
According to Zechariah, when did the 70 years of divine anger end? How is this related to the “commandment” to restore and build Jerusalem?
Name the one “commandment” related to the rebuilding of Jerusalem which was witnessed by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah.
According to Haggai, YHWH chastised the people because they were building what, instead of the temple?
Sir Isaac Newton in his book Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended, noted the Rabbinic chronology of Persia was shorten as a result of their interpretation of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks.  Explain why. (And no it was not a direct attempt on their part to hide it’s fulfillment in Yeshua/Jesus.)

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    Michael Rood - A Rood Awakening - The Jonah Code & Seventy Shavuim
    *****Additional authors and teachers I hope to research as time permits*****
    These names are based upon list found at Sound Christian
    John Ankerberg - Ankerberg Theological Research Institute
    Kay Arthur - Precepts ministries International
    Allen Beechick - "The Rapture Solution, Putting the Puzzle Together"
    Doug Batchelor - Amazing Facts
    Shawn Boonstra - It is Written
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    Richard Ames - Living Church of God
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    Robert Dean
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    John S. Feinberg - Crossway's Foundations
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